Warkem Biotech Pvt Ltd was founded by technocrats in 1978 and since then it’s engaged in manufacturing high quality hydrolyzed proteins and various bases meant for Microbiological, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Agriculture, Environmental, Fermentation, Cosmetic, Vaccine, Veterinary and Environmental use.

Later Warkem Biotech established a separate organic agriculture division known as “Warkembioagri” which has its own hi-tech manufacturing technology & is the supplier of high quality organic agricultural products such as Foliar Nutrition for crops, Bio-stimulant, Organic Soil Conditioners, Bio-fertilizers, Bio-pesticides, Bio-nematicides, Soil & Leaf Testing Kits, Insect Sticky Traps etc.

Agriculture is one of the most important parts, which have been neglected to some extent till today. Let’s rewind to two decades after our Independence. A decade that brought dawn to the “Industrial Agriculture” and paved way for crops grown in monoculture, with new hybrid varieties, mechanization of agricultural practices, use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers saw a tremendous boost in agricultural productivity.

But such agricultural practices with excessive fertilizers and pesticide application adversely affected the soil quality, physico-chemical properties through soil erosion, compaction, acidification, salinization, and none-the-less biological health of the soil. Due to which today, Industrial agriculture lacks in sustenance and longevity.

Warkem understood the exact need of sustainable agriculture and started innovating, discovering and manufacturing high quality organic agricultural products which helped not only in reducing the total reliability on toxic chemical pesticides, fertilizers etc. but also in increasing the productivity and improving the overall soil health.

Our Warkembioagri division changed the world of agriculture with a revolutionary holistic approach of Organic and Chemical Free products that are Reliable, Easy-To-Use, Non-Toxic and Biodegradable.

Warkem aims to serve the farmers in a better way & to have more production of the crops. This mission led to the development of products that are “Best in Class”. Warkem with its highly potent range of Agriculture products allows farmers to do “Low input-High output Agriculture”.